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SBTET TS Advanced Suplementary Time Table Diploma Examinations of C-14 Scheme - June-2017.

TS SBTET INSTANT TIME TABLE 2017: A Detailed Time-Table to conduct the advanced supplementary diploma examinations for all backlog subjects of c14 scheme. The said examinations scheduled to be conducted on 10-06-2017 & 12-06-2017.

As you are aware that advanced supplementary is meant for regular final year candidates appeared for March April 2017 and having 2 or less than 2 backlogs a subjects, therefore, conducting the exam on chronological order of semester and order of subjects in a semester falling on 2 days of exam. The readmitted candidates of C 09 having backlogs partly in C09 as per semester subject Code order has stated in the this letter.

 The candidates have to appear  the first exam (starting from 1st year, 3rd semester, 4th semester, 5th semester & 6th semester)  on 10th June, and subsequent exam on 12th June, if both exams are in same semester they need to appear starting in the order (X01, X02, etc,) first exam on 10th and subsequent on 2nd exam 12th June if pratical exam or register principles or request to complete them by 15th and the marks are to be send to DSEEI, on mail

SBTET TS - Exams - Advanced Suplementary Diploma Examinations of C-14 Scheme - June-2017.

C-14-ADVS SPPLY-June-2017 FROM 10 june

C-14-ADVS SPPLY-June-2017 FROM 12 june

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