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SBTET - Diploma Examinations Oct/Nov 2016 - Examinations - CC Cameras installation and video footage recorded frnishing to SBTET, TS - Requested - Reg

With reference to the subject cited above, you are aware that the director of technical education had issued instructions to maintain the CC-cameras/surveillance system for recording of examination process for smooth and fair conduct of forth coming Examinations. Oct/Nov-2016.

In this context institutions which have not installed the CC-cameras/surveillance system are request to install them in all examination halls, control room and inter facing with the central faculty located at Hyderabad keep ready to recording of the forth coming examinations, October/November-2016, and submit the compliance report by 17-09-2016 through mail to dsee1.sbtetts@gmail.com

It us further informed that the principal's/ chief superintendents of all the centers/institutions are request to furnish the recorded data of examinations in the from of CD/Ped drive to Dr. Shashak Deputy secretary , EE-1, SBTET TS , HYDERABAD  starting of the exam up to the completion of the last examination at respect center/institution

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