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Life Skills C-16 Common – 508 internal assessment and external examination

Life Skills   C-16
Common – 508
                                                                                                                        Total Marks: 100

Marks allotted for

                                 i)  Internal Assessment   : 40
                                ii)  End Examination       : 60

            The marks are allocated for Life Skills in the following manner:

Internal Marks: 40 Marks

     Making presentations:  20 marks
The list of the topics will be displayed during the fifth practical session. Students select a topic each through lottery. Presentation should be for five minutes. All the presentations of the students have to be completed before the end examination. Marks allotted to students will be recorded in register.

     Record:   10 marks
Students have to answer the questions given in the activities in the  manual in a separate notebook or a record book. In the same notebook or record book, they shall write  assignments. They may also be encouraged to collect some information regarding some topics and record the same in the record book

·         Active participation in the lab activities, punctuality, discipline, etc. : 10Marks

End Examination: 60 Marks (3 Hours)

     Any two life skills : 40 marks
The students explain any two life skills briefly. The selection of the topics can be done through lottery.

●  Experiential questions related to any life skill of their choice: 20 marks
 Topics are from the manual .The students can talk about a specific life skill and  relate it to their experience and show how  learning it made a difference in their life.

            Internal examiner and the external examiner assess the performance of the students and award them the marks.  Maximum marks for the end exam is 60 (Pass marks in internal is 20 and in end exam is 30).   This 508 examination is on par with any other lab examination.   

A Note on External Examiner: External Examiner may be a regular or a contract lecturer working in a Polytechnic/Junior College/Degree College/Engineering College (Government or Private).

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