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TS SBTET Academics- Content missing in EC-503 Industrial Electronics of C-14 Curriculum-Communicated – Reg.

Sub:-    SBTET –TS-Academics-Content missing in EC-503 Industrial        Electronics of C-14 Curriculum-Communicated – Reg.

Ref:-   C-14 Curriculum.
* * * * 
            With reference to the subject cited, all the Principals, affiliated to SBTET are hereby informed that there is a misprint in C-14 curriculum of Electronics and Communication Engineering subject EC-503 Industrial Electronics, by missing specific objectives from 3.8 to 4.8 as enclosed in the annexure.
            In this connection, all the Principals are further requested to communicate this information to all the concerned and give wide publicity to the students by displaying it on the concerned branch notice board in the college.
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C-14, 508-Industrial Electronics of ECE Branch

3.8   Define welding.
3.9   List 4 types of Electrical welding
3.10 Explain the principle of resistive welding.
3.11 Draw the basic circuit of AC resistive welding and explain its working.
3.12 Mention applications of resistive welding.
3.13 Mention the applications of other welding Techniques

4.0 Understand architecture of PLCs & Programming
4.1 Explain the need for PLC
4.2 Explain the basic principle of PLCs.
4.3 Explain the power supply module, CPU, Bus unit, and I/O Module,
      Interfacing Module and programmer module.
4.4 Explain the PLC scan method.
4.5 Give the ladder logic symbols.
4.6 Explain the meaning of above symbols
4.7 Explain current flow (Forward and Reverse current)
4.8 Explain the Ladder diagrams

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